Yu Yureka Plus already has a price cut

The Yu Yureka Plus only launched a while back (less than a month), but the phone already has a price cut going for it.

As you’d guess from the name, the Yureka Plus is a slightly updated version of the Yureka (review). It comes with a 5.5-inch full HD display with a Snapdragon 615 processor, which has eight 64-bit cores. There’s 2GB of RAM on the phone, with a worthy addition being the Cyanogen OS 12 ROM that it ships with.

The Yureka Plus also features an IMX214 camera sensor, which the predecessor didn’t. The launch price of the Plus didn’t make a lot of sense (we think that despite the update, the price should’ve stayed), but Yu still claim to have sold 50,000 units of the Yureka Plus already. Nonetheless, the phone will now be available for the same 8,999 INR as the Yureka.

The next sale for the Yureka Plus will take place on Thursday, i.e., 6th August on Amazon.in.

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