How to fix LeTV Le1 WIFI problems and get double tap to wake

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After reporting yesterday that I was suffering serious WIFI issues with the latest stable OTA update on the LeTV Le1, I can happily report that it is now solved.

I posted yesterday that my LeTV Le1, a phone which I really am enjoying, had picked up a nasty WIFI bug in the most recent stable OTA update (5.0.004S). It wasn’t long before GizChina readers and fellow LeTV Le1 phone owners got in touch and told me there was a fix.

Thanks to Hakim Farouk who pointed me in the direction of the experimental ROM 17E for the LeTV Le 1 which he correctly points out fixes the WIFI issues I was having. I had already toyed with the idea of giving the experimental ROM a try but as I hadn’t had issues with the stable ROM (up until the most recent update) I had decided not too.

In addition to fixing my WIFI issues, it the ROM also adds custom icons for certain apps, and also includes double tap to wake feature (settings > accessibility > double tap to brighten screen). I also feel the Le 1 is even snappier and more responsive with this experimental build too!

Download experimental ROM for LeTV phones here:

  • To download the ROM head over to the official LeTV ROM download page here and download 5.0.0117E.

How to manually install ROMs on the LeTV Le 1

Although I had no issue installing the ROM this way I suggest you back up your phone data before starting. You also follow these instructions at your own risk
  1. To install 5.0.0117E rename the .zip file to and place it in the root of your Le 1 directly.
  2. Turn the phone off.
  3. Hold the volume up and power button together to get the phone in to recovery mode.
  4. Choose install from SD card.
  5. Choose install (or something along those lines). Don’t check ‘Clear User Data’ or you will loose all of your apps and settings.
  6. Once installed the LeTV Le 1 will restart. I suggest rebooting once again as the phone was sluggish to start but now runs amazingly well.

I’m now super happy that my LeTV Le 1 is running how it should again, WIFI is working and now I get to see the latest updates on a weekly basis.

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