OnePlus 2: Network compatibility across regional versions explained

how to install oxygen OS on the Chinese oneplus 2

OnePlus find themselves in a situation similar to what they were in last year, after the release of the OnePlus One. The One was made available in China invite-free, and thus, a lot of sellers started offering the phone to impatient buyers who didn’t want to go through the entire invite process.

In a bid to try and stop people from doing that, OnePlus have issued a forum post educating people about the difference between the regional versions of the OnePlus 2. There are a total of three different versions of the OnePlus 2, each with a different set of network band support.

Regional OnePlus 2 versions

The OnePlus 2 is tailor made in three versions to suit the following corresponding markets:

  • EU/Asia
  • North America
  • China

The OnePlus One had similar variants, but it was found that flashing different ROMs could unlock dormant band support.

Difference between regional network support for OnePlus 2

According to OnePlus, here is how the three variants of the OnePlus 2 differ from one another.

[table id=210 /]

It isn’t yet clear if the hardware is identical and its only the software controlling the network support, but the coming weeks should give a better idea about that. OnePlus  also state that the Chinese version has only one IMEI number, which might prevent users in some markets to access the dual SIM feature.

Quoting OnePlus’ post:

The Chinese version will have very limited 4G compatibility in Europe and North America. More importantly, it only has one IMEI meaning you will not have dual-SIM capability outside of China. If you like having dual SIMs, do not buy the Chinese version.

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