Ulefone Paris promises to be the perfect balance, what’s your opinion?

ulefone paris

Ulefone say that they have reached a perfect balance of hardware, design and user experience with the Ulefone Paris, what do you think?

Being a 5-inch phone, the Ulefone Paris does sit in the middle of current screen trends, were we see devices from 4.7-inch all the way to 6-inch (and in the past more). 5-inch phones are becoming a harder breed to find though, but Ulefone insist the size offers the perfect balance of big screen and comfort in the hand.

The screen isn’t the only balancing act the Paris is performing though. The company states that the use of a Mediatek MT6753 processor offers the benefits of an oct-core processor, but at only 1.3Ghz none of the battery train issues.

With a smaller 720p display, modest speed processor and 2GB RAM an average size battery (Ulefone don’t state the size) means good battery life while retaining a thinner body (not too thin to cause any overheating issues though).

Reading through the release that Ulefone sent over id does sound like the design and development team have but their thinking caps on for the Ulefone Paris and we might actually see a ride range phone with a great balance of design, performance and usability. It’s has also been revealed that Ulefone staff have been asked to use the new phone as their daily devices since this month so that they can report any issues or suggest ideas to improve the phone.

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