Is your OnePlus 2 suffering from an unresponsive home button?

oneplus 2 review

Only a couple of days back did I receive my OnePlus 2. I was blown away by how well the phone is put together, but then a nagging issue caught my attention, that of the home button being sporadically unresponsive.

I attributed the issue to my unit being a Chinese one (as opposed to an international one) flashed with the international ROM, which I suspected was bad.

However, before I could re-flash the ROM to double check the issue, it was already confirmed by hordes of other OnePlus 2 users.

Android Police even put up a video (right at the end of this article), identifying a pattern to the unresponsiveness. It appears as though the phone suffers from a grounding issue, which makes the home button unresponsive.

Essentially, the issue occurs when you try to ‘press’ the home button with one hand while holding the phone in another. Take a look at the video below to get a better understanding. As noted, this doesn’t affect the accuracy of the fingerprint scanner but only the number of times the home button is triggered.

I can confirm that my unit of the phone has the issue. Are you facing something similar? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, an interim workaround is to use the phone in one hand (which isn’t very difficult thanks to the narrow-ish profile), which is when the button works fine.

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