Huawei Nexus Geekbench scores reveal Android 6 and 3GB RAM

Geekbench has been providing all the answers today, first pointing out specs of the new Meizu and now with details of the Huawei Nexus.

Later this year Huawei and LG are believed to be launching new Nexus phones. There have been a boatload of leaks on both devices all ready, and now Geekbench scores reveal some of the details of Huawei’s offering.

Google Nexus devices always ship with the latest Android OS, so it is no surprise that the Huawei Nexus shows up with an Android 6.0 build. That tasty Marshmallow treat runs on a Snapdragon 810 chipset and 3GB RAM. What Geekbench doesn’t tell us, but other leaks have pointed at, is a USB Type C socket.

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One point that remains unanswered is the resolution of the screen. It seems like a 5.5-inch panel will adorn the front of the Huawei Nexus but will it be a 1080 panel or 2K panel? For their own flagship Huawei have been firm to stay away from 2K screens, will this continue for the Nexus?

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  1. fangbanger
    September 14, 2015

    SD 810 and 2K.

    NO thanks.

    Will wait for next year 4k ready devices. I really really want to be able to have awesome VR on my cellphone.

    • September 14, 2015

      You have another 10 years to wait then

      • hugo26
        September 15, 2015

        Someone hasn’t seen the Sony Xperia Z5 premium yet then with its 4K display and about 800ppi. Update urself lol

        • September 15, 2015

          A 4K video that shows most content in 1080p? Lol … I wont spend my dime on that.

          • hugo26
            September 17, 2015

            I didnt say i would buy it, was just letting you know that it was out since you didnt seem to know. You cant really comment on heating since you havent used it so thats pure bs talk since they added twice the copper for cooling. I dont know either jsut saying you cant knock it if you haven’t tried it. The 1080p content is beacuse most content on the playstore isnt in 4k yet so yeah, and to save battery life as well but you already knew that right?? lol sure you did

          • hugo26
            September 17, 2015

            You seem to be comenting on all phones and not interested in buying anything that doesn’t cost 25$ lol, i think you need to stop talking lol.

            • September 17, 2015

              How is it your problem whether I buy a phone or not? I already bought Chinese phones and tablets. Maybe because I dont go announcing it to everyone (like some people who have a Meizu MX 4 Pro do).

              Whether I choose to buy a $1 phone or a $600 one or maybe even get it for free, how is that your headache? I really dont understand why some fools would wanna poke their ugly, stinking noses into others’ affairs.

              Like I said in my other post, I dont care one bit what you think about my opinions or the kinda phone I buy. Thats my opinion and I say it out.


        • Steven Fox
          September 16, 2015

          And it still uses the same SD810, which is way out of it`s league in 4K!

      • hugo26
        September 15, 2015

        Its already on sale btw

  2. Bailey
    September 14, 2015

    4k what a total waste of time at this moment

  3. Lars
    September 15, 2015

    That top bar … on the back … looks so … ugly. What were they thinking when designing this phone?

  4. Riccardo Benzoni
    September 16, 2015

    Zte v967, is that you?