Axgio Sprint: $40 Splash proof Bluetooth earbuds with mic

Axgio recently announced the Sprint Bluetooth earbuds which come with a few interesting features.

First off, the buds have a short ‘memory wire’ leading to the drivers which fit in your ear. This allows you to get a snug fit each time, without having to keep adjusting the wires. I personally use the wired Brainwavz R3 earphones which have the same feature, and am a hardcore convert.

The tips on the earphone also feature ‘memory’ foam (not sure if they’re from Comply, but you get the gist) which should again help keep the earphones in place.


The Axgio Sprint Bluetooth earphones also have a mic which means they can be used with your phone during calls. Since they’re being advertised as sport earbuds, there’s also IPX4 certification that the earphones have, which makes them splash proof.

Battery life is rated at 8 hours, and you can pair these Bluetooth earphones with up to 2 devices at once. They’re on sale for $39.99 via TinyDeal, who are also doing a giveaway of these.

Update: Buyers can use coupon ‘AXSprintEN’ to get $2 off + get free DHL shipping.

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