The Xiaomi-backed Amazfit wearable officially launched

Xiaomi’s Mi Band has seen plenty of good reviews and positive reception from all around the world. Many people have been quietly anticipating the Mi Band 2, but it appears Xiaomi has something else in mind with the Amazfit.

The Amazfit is a smart wearable that is basically a more elegant looking Mi Band with a few other features added into the mix. The brain of the Amazfit a small donut-shaped object that contains all the sensors needed to make everything work, similar to the Mi Band’s pellet. The Amazfit’s unique shape allows it to be worn as a fitness band and also as a pendant, with Amazfit preparing to release different straps and strings for it.

As for the features of the Amazfit, it’s got all the typical fitness band features like tracking your sleep, vibrating to alert you of notifications on your phone and storing your fitness information. The Amazfit also supports wireless charging, which is great news. On top of that, the Amazfit also boasts 10 days of battery life, though we’ll need to test the device before coming to any conclusions.

The Amazfit does not come with a display, and all information will be displayed on a downloadable application, similar to the Mi Band. The Amazfit will set you back at 299 yuan, or $50. What do you think about the Amazfit? Tell us in the comments below.

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