Meizu could also release EP31 earphones during Meizu Pro 5 launch

Remember that Meizu are originally an audio hardware maker and that they like to remind us of that fact with the release of new audio products. Well 23rd September might see the release of a new EP31 headphone.

Meizu started off their life as a MP3 player company, and even after they started to copy Apple, have launched earphones and audio centric products during their phone years. In honesty their recent audio devices haven’t been all that amazing. The Meizu MX4 Pro had average audio at best and their EP21 HD earphones are nothing to write home about either.

This doesn’t give us much hope about these rumoured Meizu EP31 earphones that could launch this week. Sources say the new earbud will be designed as a high-end flagship earphone and might cost as much as 499 Yuan ($78).

The design schematics show a earphone with silicon head and 3 button control built-in to the main cable. Judging from other earphone releases we can expect a kevlar wire and gold plated jack.

Xiaomi, Huawei, and other phone makers all offer similar earphones for around 100 Yuan with proven quality. Meizu might want to start off small before going big in this market.

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