No.1 S3 smartwatch adds functionality and beats the competition on price

The No.1 S3 smartwatch is a Huawei Watch competitor that tackles areas of a smartwatch in which the Android Wear watch falls short. One area in which the Huawei Watch falls short is in Android Wear. Google’s kept a tight leash on its smartwatch platform, with each Android Wear watch being limited in functionality. How does the No.1 S3 smartwatch capitalize on the Huawei Watch’s shortcomings?

First, the No.1 S3 smartwatch works with Android and iOS, whereas the Huawei Watch works with specific versions of Android and iOS (Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and up, iOS 8.2 and above). The No.1 S3 allows you to have a smartwatch that works, even if you have an older iPhone or Android device, whereas the Huawei Watch mandates a later update or a newer device. Next, the No.1 S3 smartwatch provides a heart rate monitor, motion sensor, and vibration motors (as does the Huawei Watch) but also includes a smart wake-up screen that matches that of the Huawei Watch.

Lastly, the No.1 S3 smartwatch allows you to make calls without being tethered to your smartphone, whereas the Huawei Watch mandates Bluetooth pairing between your watch and your smartphone in order to have any call function. The No.1 S3 smartwatch allows for the insertion of a SIM card, which isn’t even possible with the Huawei Watch. The No.1 S3 provides cross-platform notifications, but in Android Wear, the Huawei Watch (with the Asus ZenWatch 2, which hasn’t been announced) is the only watch available right now that comes with Google’s new Android Wear for iOS compatibility. The Huawei Watch will cost you $400, while the No.1 S3 smartwatch costs $65.

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Although the Huawei Watch clone seems to match the Huawei Watch while besting its functionality and price, we realize there are some who really like Android Wear and would rather have the Huawei Watch and don’t like the idea of paying for a data plan to have cellular connectivity on a smartwatch. The Huawei Watch will provide frequent, constant updates from Google, but we don’t know about the update potential of the No.1 S3.

In the end, it all comes down to you, the buyer. Does the No.1 S3 smartwatch interest you, or would you still rather opt for the Huawei Watch? Visit the source below to find out more, and do your thing in the comments.

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