ZTE thank Huawei for their ZTE Grand S tribute in the form of Nexus 6P

With no doubt we say this has been a great fortnight for most Android OS enthusiasts, with the launch of the two new Nexus devices followed by the final introduction of Android 6 Marshmallow.

For a change, Google decided to slice the Nexus line in two new different devices, mostly to accommodate for different tastes and screen size preferences. The Nexus 6P is a phablet produced by Huawei, making it the first Nexus device produced by a Chinese OEM.

Since the first leaks that showed the Nexus 6P design, we saw divided opinions about it. While some hated and some showered love for the design renders, the phone is here and is getting a lot of attention due to its different rear design and body.

But another Chinese company is also trying to make their point about the new phone, and specifically, its design. That company is none other than ZTE, and through a post on Weibo, company’s marketing director Lu Qian Hao shared his opinion about the Nexus 6P stating it as a ‘big tribute to the ‘elegant’ ZTE Athena’, also known as the Grand S. The message was directly addressed to Huawei’s Yu Chengdong account.

From the pictures that heads this article, we can clearly make out the similarities between the 2013 ZTE device and the Nexus 6P (and the Nokia 808 Pure View!) that the ZTE official refers to. Anyway we haven’t seen ZTE bothering to “revive” this design for a quite while, and is now simply taking a dig at Huawei just for convenience… and footage?

ZTE and Huawei history of competition isn’t a new. Both are big Chinese OEMs, and both have been working hard in the recent years to establish their brands worldwide.

So what you think about it? Do you think these type of “similarities” are excusable in the smartphone market, and that OEMs are running out of designs? Share your point.

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