Elephone opening repair and service centers in Spain, Germany and Russia

Elephone will be opening European service centers for customer and owners of certain Elephone devices.

In the past one of the biggest issues with Chinese phones was getting any sort of support or backup after you had made your purchase. These days thought most brands have their own social media and forums where people can ask for (but not necessarily) receive help, and we are seeing more companies open services centers outside of the Chinese mainland.

With most of their international customers  living in Europe, Elephone have decided to open up service centers in Spain, Germany and Russia. Elephone hasn’t said when these centers will open but have told us where in each country they will be located. The Spanish Elephone service center will be located in Tarragona, near to Barcelona, Bruchsal will be home to Elephone in Germany and Elephone’s Russian residence is Moscow.

It is hoped the 3 centers will be enough to cover most European customers needs, allowing for faster repair times and much cheaper shipping, when compared to returning to China.

The only issue we can see for now is that the service centers only seem to be working on more recent Elephone devices like the P8000, M2 and upcoming P9000. We will have to confirm with sources if older models can be repaired in Europe or not. More details on Elephone’s Facebook page.

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