Ulefone Be Touch 3 has a 4th gen fingerprint scanner

Ulefone recently announced the Ulefone Be Touch 3, with downgraded specs. Why? well because it features new fingerprint tech.

We really didn’t know what to make of the Ulefone Be Touch 3 when specs were announced. Here we have a phone with lower CPU specs and smaller battery than previous versions, but at a similar price! What were Ulefone playing at?

Well to partially explain what the reason is, Ulefone today released the above video explaining that the Be Touch 3 uses 4th generation fingerprint scanners in the touchID home button. Apparently this will give better identification and faster unlock speeds.

Hmmm, still not sure if this is a worthwhile update though, do you? You can check out a comparison of the 3 generations of Ulefone BeTouch 3 here.

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