Elephone W2 is a ‘traditional watch with intelligent functions’

Elephone has a wide variety of smart gadgets in its kitty, including phones, action cameras and e-cig mods. What’s lacking though is a proper smartwatch; Elephone have been teasing that for a bit but a real announcement has been long overdue. The Elephone W2 could be just that.

The Elephone W2, the newest product from the Elephone assembly lines, is a simple-looking watch that doubles up as a fitness tracker. According to Elephone, the W2 is ‘a traditional watch with intelligent functions.’

There’s no word on how much the Elephone W2 will cost, or what all it’ll do for you. What you can safely assume is that the W2 will have fitness tracking, sleep tracking and alarm features… and possibly notifications plus a heart rate sensor.

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Another smartwatch that aims at the same section of the market is the Lembird Free O2 watch which I’m currently testing.

We’ll be posting more news and info about the upcoming Elephone W2 smartwatch, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, let us know what you think about having a smartwatch around your wrist that actually looks like a legit watch!

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  1. Steve B
    December 4, 2015

    Slightly off topic, but talking of traditional watches, I love Chinese brand Megir watches and they are dirt cheap from usual resellers. Apart from phones they are my main purchases from China.

    • December 4, 2015

      Not bad. I have this $30 ‘IK Colouring’ watch I got off aliexpress. No exaggeration, it’s pretty awesome and has self winding mechanism. Bought it more than 2yrs back, still works like a charm.

      • Steve B
        December 4, 2015

        I have about 10 now, but these are my favourites (attached), not bad for av $15.

        I read a rumour that they had dumped a load of stock on resellers due to an action taken against several manufacturers on Aliexpress (or similar), so you’re getting a quality watch for next to nothing. Backing this up is the fact that they have a model with a genuine Seagull self winding movement for approx £50, which according to watch aficionado’s is a similar cost to the movement alone.

  2. remy b
    December 7, 2015

    Nothing new, see runtastic watch …