Zopo officially announce the Zopo Color S5.5 in ‘Cobra Blue’

zopo color s5.5

Ok the title is a little misleading the Zopo Color S5.5 also comes in other colours, but ‘Cobra Blue’ was the only worthwhile feature I could find to mention.

Zopo once again prove they are struggling to keep up with the pack by releasing the Zopo Color S5.5 phone, with (you’ve guessed it) a 5.5-inch display and a choice of bright colours to choose from.

Zopo Color S5.5 Specs

This 5.5-inch phone comes with a HD display, quad-core MT6735 processor and best of all 1GB RAM! and 8GB internal memory! (please read with sarcasm). If 8GB memory isn’t enough (it isn’t) then you have the option to run a 64GB micro SD card and there are places for dual SIM cards too.

Camera equipment includes an 8 mega-pixel rear camera and 2 mega-pixel front camera.

Perhaps the only worthwhile feature (apart from coming in ‘Cobra Blue’) is the 3000mAh battery and the promise the phones Android 5.1 OS will eventually be updated to Android 6.0 M in the future.

If ‘Cobra Blue’ isn’t for you then you can also choose from Fuchsia Pin, Green, White and Grey. No word on pricing, but it had better be a sub $100 phone with those specs.

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