Xiaomi could be planning to increase the Xiaomi Mi5 launch price to 2499 Yuan

One of the most exciting features of Xiaomi’s flagship phones is that they always remain at the same 1999 Yuan price tag regardless of updates, but this could all change with the Xiaomi Mi5.

Earlier this year Xiaomi released the Xiaomi Mi Note at a higher than expected price. It was a shock move for many, but in fact made perfect sense. Not only was the Mi Note the most expensive Xiaomi to launch, but it also featured the best design and build of any Xiaomi phone, the brand wanted to go up market.

This change hasn’t only been one for Xiaomi, OnePlus have followed, as have Meizu, and Huawei who all have higher priced phones with better build and design. Its a growing trend and it looks like it will continue.

News today says that Xiaomi are thinking of increasing the price of the Xiaomi Mi5 from 1999 Yuan to 2499 Yuan in an effort enhance the brand image of high-end Xiaomi phones.

On other details it is believed that the Xiaomi Mi5, and other Chinese Snapdragon 820 phones won’t go on sale until April of 2016, however this does not mean we won’t see the phone announced until then with some sources saying a February launch is possible.

With a higher price tag and a longer than expected wait, do you think Xiaomi’s new strategy could work? Are you waiting to get your hands on the Xiaomi Mi5?

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