Do NOT put your Redmi Note 3 in child mode for now, here’s why

xiaomi redmi note 3 vs xiaomi redmi note 2

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3 is quite a killer piece of kit for the money, but then the software it runs, MIUI can be a little tricky… especially when a new iteration is in its early phase.

In the case of the Redmi Note 3, there’s quite a serious bug that exists.

TL;DR: Do not put your Redmi Note 3 in Child Mode for now.

The bug means that once you enter Child Mode in the Redmi Note 3, you’ll be stuck right there… and in case you’ve blocked the settings app as well, it’s going to be really tough for you to exit Child Mode and get access to the rest of the phone.

FYI, Child Mode blocks all apps except the ones you explicitly allow to run.

I found myself in the tricky situation last night, when I thought one way out would be to simply enter recovery by turning off the phone and then holding Vol Up + Power. But voila, there’s no access to recovery on the Redmi Note 3 by default.

I then had to tinker around with the phone for quite a while before somehow managing to enter the settings app and turning off Child Mode.

Redmi Note 3: Stuck in Child Mode, How To Fix

If you haven’t changed your default browser (I had changed it to Chrome, unfortunately), there’s a rather simple solution. Check out the video below:

Basically what you need to do when you’re stuck in Child Mode is somehow get access to the settings app. I managed to do so by getting into contacts, yellow pages, settings… it might (and will) differ from case to case.

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Here’s hoping that Xiaomi fix the MIUI 7 bug asap. Meanwhile, you can get yourself a Redmi Note 3 (3GB) from Geekbuying.

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