Bluboo kicking the door down on the 6-inch 2K flagship market

bluboo xtouch plus

Bluboo might not be at CES this year, but that’s not stopping them from announcing their 6-inch Bluboo Xtouch Plus with 6-inch 2K display.

2K phones might slowly start creeping on to more Chinese smartphones in 2016. We’ve already received the much talked about Elephone Vowney, and not Bluboo are working on the release of the Bluboo Xtouch Plus.

Bluboo Xtouch Plus

Plus means a larger display this time around and Bluboo have settled on a 6-inch 2K panel for the Xtouch Plus, 0.5-inch larger than the Elephone Vowney and the same size as the Vivo Xplay 3S.

Which processor the phone will be running hasn’t been announced (although we guess a Helio X10), but the manufacturer has confirmed the phone will have 4GB LCDDR4 RAM, 64GB eMMC5 storage, 21 mega-pixel sensor from Sony and a 5000mAh battery.

The only visual evidence of the Bluboo Xtouch Plus is the render above that shows a wood backed phone with CNC alloy chassis (similar to the ZUK Z1?), rear fingerprint scanner, notification switch and USB type C.

In other Xtouch related news, Bluboo say that our Xtouch review phone has been resent so keep looking out for that.

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