Official: Xiaomi Redmi 3 has a 4100mAh battery

Xiaomi’s sudden love for large batteries is comes as a bit of a surprise.

After shipping the metal-clad 5.5-inch Redmi Note 3 with a 4000mAh battery, the company is set to put an even larger one in the upcoming Redmi 3.

The news comes from a teaser sent by the company which mentions a 4100mAh battery on the Redmi 3. This is indeed a bit of a surprise because the Redmi Note 3 which launched only a few weeks back has a larger screen and yet a smaller battery.


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As for the other specifications of the Redmi 3 (which by the way, is due for a launch 12th January), word is that it’ll have an octa-core processor (most likely the Snapdragon 616), a 5-inch 720p display, a 13 mega-pixel rear camera, a 5 mega-pixel front facing camera.

Interestingly, Xiaomi claim to be using a new technology for the battery which allows them to cram double the density in the same footprint. This is what also fuels the rumours of the Redmi 3’s thickness being a mere 8.5mm.

What the Redmi 3 is also going to be is an all-metal phone akin to the Redmi Note 3. So if 5.5-inch phones aren’t your thing, you might soon have another option to choose from.

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  1. frederik
    January 8, 2016

    but is 616 even that good compared to helio x10?

    • January 8, 2016

      honestly, I don’t think so. Xiaomi probably REALLY want to launch this in India, which is why they seem to have chosen a 616.

      • Misto
        January 9, 2016

        On Ibuygou it is listed with Snapdragon 617 SOC which is amazing if it is the case. Hope it has a great camera then I will go for the Redmi 3 instead the Prime MI4C which is expensive through resellers.

    • balcobomber25
      January 8, 2016

      The 616 is just an updated version of the 615 which itself is a worse SoC than the X10. I agree with Yash they are thinking India all the way with this. India is one of the largest markets for budget phones in the world.

  2. VMortens
    January 8, 2016

    Good 5 incher with a nice battery? Why not? I’d even go for one – under one condition: give it at least the camera quality of Mi4c and then I’ll take it even if it costs 170-180$.

  3. Steven Fox
    January 8, 2016

    As it turns out now the SD615/616 is an entry device SoC.
    This phone will run pretty well considering that it has a 720p screen, gaming should be smooth, and the phone is expected to cost around the 130-140$ mark, which makes it pretty darn good.

  4. dutchgio
    January 8, 2016

    The 616 seems pretty low end after all.
    The Redmi is made to be cheap, but this is a battery monster wich is a big plus.
    5 inch and 720p yet 4100mah, that’s great. So is the metal design for the low proce, as it will costs less than a Redmi Note 3 wich is already agreat deal.

  5. Balaji Chandrasekaran
    January 8, 2016

    616 with 720p is darn snappy (will be)

  6. slartiblart
    January 8, 2016

    I love my Mi4c. Couldn’t wish for a better phone.

  7. trapchan
    January 8, 2016

    no fingerprint = no buy, but it might be a good phone for my gf, as long as the camera is decent

    • Xalis
      January 8, 2016

      I can’t name a Xiaomi phone from the past 3 years with a bad camera.

      People shit on the Note 2 and 3 camera because they want high end images from a $130 and $200 dollars phone, but their cameras are good for the average user.

      • trapchan
        January 11, 2016

        My friend with Redmi Note 3G (1st Redmi Note) said it’s camera is bad, and my impression of Redmi 1S camera also nothing special, even Huawei Honor 3C took better photo than it (it has Sony IMX 135 sensor). But for my GF front camera quality is more important, if the front camera at least as good as Meizu M2 Note, then she’ll be fine.

  8. Levi Smith
    January 8, 2016

    “That’s huge! It’s not gonna fit!” (That’s what she said…)

    Evidently, Xiaomi feels different when it comes to battery capacity. Still it would make an attractive buy in lower price segment.

  9. Dennis
    January 8, 2016

    Why is S616 considered most likely, when the entire redmi series has mediatek soc’s?

    I just hope for the Helio P10 😀

    • Shashank
      January 9, 2016

      do you know p10 is worst even lost with MT 53 in the benchmarking and not at all good for gaming its only good for battery life!

      • Airyl
        January 9, 2016

        It’s not out yet.

        • Shashank
          January 9, 2016

          Yes i know but benchmark testing has revealed so much about it!

          • balcobomber25
            January 10, 2016

            Not sure what benchmarks you saw but in Geek Bench the 6753 isn’t even close to the P10, in fact the single core score of the P10 is close to the X10.

            Geek Bench 3:

            P10 – 882/3371
            6753 – 555/2693
            X10 – 905/5154

            Benchmarks don’t tell the whole story though, they are simulated tests in ideal conditions. Until we actually see the P10 in a device what don’t know what it is.

  10. Xalis
    January 8, 2016

    Well I just squished 10 hours of constant screen time on the Redmi Note 3, I can see this Redmi 3 giving 12 hours of constant screen time with a SD616 and 5″ 720p screen.

    • dutchgio
      January 9, 2016

      If not even more, with the light usage you had.
      4100Mah is just massive on a 720p 5 inch screen and problably a soc that won’t use that much battery aswell.
      I d’ say you easily reach 2 days with normal usage with this, and problably 3 with light usage.

  11. Mister MyGIP
    January 13, 2016

    Пошли в продажу уже по 140$ на aliexpress!!