Blackview recalling Omega Pro phones suffering SIM issues

blackview omega pro

Blackview have issued a recall for owners of Blackview Omega Pro phones that are suffering from SIM card issues.

Blackview say that around 700 Blackview Omega Pro phones have been effected with a manufacturing issue that prevents the phone reading a SIM card. Basically all that has happened is paint has got on areas of phone which stops certain components from connecting properly.

According to the press release, some phones can be fixed with a new SIM tray, while others will need to be replaced.

Phones suffering the issue with sold online through authorised stores between November and December 2015.

If you have one of these faulty phones, Blackview ask you to get in touch with the company you bought the phone from who will arrange a free replacement. More information an be found on the Blackview forums.

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