Oukitel testing wireless charging on their new phone

oukitel wireless charging phone

Oukitel are testing wireless charging in a unnamed mystery phone set for release this year.

During 2015 Oukitel quickly made a name for themselves building phones with large batteries and long run times as major features, and things don’t seem to be changing.

The Oukitel team now seem comfortable making phones with big batteries so now are turning their attention to high quality materials, security features plus new charging methods.

The mystery phone shown in these phones has an alloy design, rear fingerprint scanner and wireless charging. We’re not sure on the full details but it looks like the phone requires the use of a cover to activate the wireless charging feature and retains a standard USB for traditional wired charging.

Mystery Oukitel

Oukitel promise a top notch processor, Sony camera sensors, and NFC, what the specifics are we just don’t know at this time.

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