Letv is now LeEco (plus new logo)

Within a few months into launching its first phones, Letv turned into a manufacturer worth following.

Letv made a handful of phones varying in specs and price segments. However, it looks as though the company’s logo was a little too monotonous, and the name ‘Letv’ a little misleading for the unawares.


Which is why, Letv has undergone a major rebranding, and is now known as LeEco. Along with that, the company gets a new logo too.

The company also announced the world’s first Snapdragon 820 phone in the Le Max Pro a few days back, and is currently prepping for its first smartphone launches in India, scheduled to take place on the 20th this month.

After a conference — with the theme ‘A New Eco World’ — in China, the new logo and brand name were introduced to the media. Almost immediately after that, social streams of the company reflected the change in name and logo.

Quite clearly, LeEco wants people to take notice of the diverse nature of the company with the new logo and the name.

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