Zeblaze Cosmo now on sale

Zeblaze Cosmo now on sale


Wearable specialists Zeblaze are now selling their latest Mediatek powered watch online through resellers.

The Zeblaze Cosmo is the first new wearable from Zeblaze for 2016 and their 3rd watch in a year. The company have taken what they learned from the Rover and Crystal to build a thin, elegant device with curved display snd the usual wearable features.

The Cosmo runs a Mediatek OS designed for wearable using Zeblaze’s own UI with menus scrolling up and down rather than left to right, a decision Zeblaze say they made as it is more comfortable and gives a better user experience.

zeblaze cosmo

New features for the Cosmo include a new charging dock, a better sealed more water resistant IP65 body, large 1.6-inch display, 250mAh battery and multi-language support.

Zeblaze are selling the Cosmo through resellers now for $99.99, but a special offer event is planned for later in the month.

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  • Sbz

    Looks sleek and nice. They should bring the price down and I’m ready to order for TWO!

  • Marius Cirsta

    The last time I wanted to buy a Zeblaze ( Rover ) the web was full of complains about it’s battery and such so I think it wouldn’t be really wise to spend $100 on one.
    For less than $100 you can get a watch with Android for around $100 maybe even with Android Wear.

    • Sbz

      Strange, I’ve only read good reviews but thanks for pointing this out. Battery life is VERY important.

      • Marius Cirsta

        See here:


        I’m not out to bash Zeblaze but that made me not trust them. Not the first comment I’ve found that says that and I find it unacceptable for a new watch that mind you was $50 at one time.

        • Sbz

          A one-off situation?
          Could you please recommend a smart watch for under $50? thanks.

  • G’n’T

    It’s a bit crappy this ‘new’ SOC in this watch still only has the limit of 5 faces same like the Crystal without the ability to download any new faces.

  • steve

    wow, it’s nice