Elephone VIP’s can get Elephone P9000 for just $99 and more


Elephone have been testing out some interesting options to raise money for the Elephone P9000 launch and here’s another in the form of ELE VIP Membership.

Elephone are offering customers the chance of becoming an ELE VIP Member at a cost of $99. Membership will automatically earn you a $50 discount on the Elephone P9000 purchase, but there are other benefits available too.

From a discussion with Elephone this morning we think we have decoded which each current privilege will give a VIP member (the description on the Elephone website aren’t easy to follow and we suggest you contact Elephone if you have any queries).

elephone p9000

ELE VIP Members will have the option to invite 2 of their friends or family to become members too. If those two invitees choose to also sign up for the $99 VIP membership, the original VIP will receive a free Elephone P9000.

Even if you don’t choose to invite people to join you will automatically receive a $50 discount on the Elephone P9000 and be entered in to a lucky draw to buy the P9000 at half price plus the $50 discount (so the chance to buy the phone for around $110).

Elephone plan to add more VIP benefits so keep an eye on their website for more details.

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