Elephone Explorer Pro first action camera to speak

elephone explorer pro

Elephone have added a very neat feature to the Elephone Explorer Pro to ensure you never miss press the record button, voice feedback.

All action cameras come with some sort of audible notification to let you know what it is doing. This feature is necessary when the camera is mounted on a helmet and you need confirmation that your camera is getting action.

As being someone who regularly uses different types of action camera it can be quite awkward to remember which camera beeps and how many beeps means its recording or turned off (there really should be an industry standard), but Elephone say they have it sussed.

ELE Explorer Pro

On their Elephone Explorer Pro, Elephone have added a very simple spoken notification to the camera. Hit record and the camera will say ‘recording’ (or something similar). Voice notifications will also warn you if the camera is running out of power or memory too.

But what if you don’t speak English? Well Elephone have that covered too and say the Explorer Pro will have 8 languages built-in (which languages are to be confirmed).

The company have also confirmed that the Explorer Pro will feature a NT96660 chipset and will go on sale in the middle of February.

For those wanting to get an Elephone fix now though, you can order the Elephone W2 wearable through their site from just $40.

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