Insta360 Go 3: The Ultimate Action Camera for Adventure Enthusiasts

Insta 360 Go 3

Since starting in 2015, Insta360 has quickly matured to be one of the most sort after brands when it comes to action cameras. The company’s first action camera was truly one of kind. A 360 degrees action camera that set the ball rolling for the company. Since then, Insta 360 has combined creativity and technology to introduce a range of new action cameras.

The company has recently launched a new action camera that prides itself as the smallest action camera you can get on the market. The Insta360 Go 3 action camera was launched in June 2023 and instantly grabbed attention of many enthusiasts around the world. This could be due to its unique design as well as its features.

At a first glance, you could easily tell that the Insta360 Go 3 is something special and unique. It is the kind that you just can go without, due to how versatile it is. You can easily mount it on any metal surface. The camera also comes with several mounting accessories in the box to make life a lot easier.

Insta360 Go 3 Pricing

Well, many may be surprised by the increase in price of the Go 3 owing to the fact that its predecessor, the Go 2 was relatively lower. The Insta360 Go 2 came with a starting price of $300. However, the latest model starts at $380 for the 32GB base model. You can get double of that storage for $399. The third and highest storage model which is the 128GB model has a price tag of $430.

Despite the higher price, it’s hard to overlook the improvements over its cheaper predecessors. The Go 3 is actually a step further in every department of the Go 2. For the extra $80, you are getting a longer battery life, bigger sensor and even get to shoot videos in 2.7K resolution as compared to the 1080P in the previous edition.

Insta360 Go 3 Design Insta360 Go 3

The Insta360 Go 3 looks very similar to the past two versions. However, the Go 3 is slightly larger than the previous versions. This can be attributed to the larger camera lens and the larger battery size. It kept the oval-shaped design of the previous versions as well as their magnetic capabilities.

Despite all the versatile features of the Go 3, there is no denying that the charging case is the biggest upgrade and of course the most attractive addition to the Go lineup of the Insta360 action cameras. The case for the Original Insta360 Go was just a carrying case for keeping the camera. The Go 2 came with something similar with the exception of the included physical buttons and the little tripod legs. With the Go 3, it doesn’t just work as a charging case for the camera, but also doubles as a viewing screen.

It features a 2.2-inch LCD touchscreen display that can be flipped up and down. With this, users can shoot better vlog videos while viewing all their actions directly on the screen. It is more like a GoPro with a little bit of more versatility. Even though you can still view footage on your smartphone using the app, the new Action pod gives you more. Your smartphone can finally rest in your pocket.

Usability of the Insta360 Go 3 Insta360 Go 3

Like I stated earlier, anyone who loves to record their activities on camera may find it quite difficult to go without the Go 3. The mere fact that you can separate the action camera from the screen (Action pod) makes it the best action camera for recording everyday activities.

Mounting the Insta360 Go 3 makes it even better. Unlike other action cameras, the Insta360 Go 3 action camera can be mounted anywhere with ease. With the mounting accessories together with its magnetic attachment, even kids can easily mount the camera anywhere they want.

In the box, the camera comes with three mounting accessories to get you started. You get the Magnet Pendant; Pivot stand and the Easy Clip. The magnet pendant helps you to easily mount the camera on your chest by hanging the pendant around your neck and clipping your little mighty action camera onto the magnet.

With the Pivot Stand, you can easily place the action camera on any flat surface. The stand comes with a sticky button to give it extra grip and the ability to mount irrespective of the orientation of the surface. The good thing about the sticky button is that you can easily wash it with water when dust or little particles get stuck on the interface.

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The Easy clip also holds the Go 3 and allows you to clip it anywhere. It has a very strong clipping mechanism that makes it possible to mount the camera on your hat or laptop. As a matter of fact, you can clip it on any thin object available to you. With these accessories, you can literally mount the Insta360 Go 3 anywhere. If that does not seem to be enough, you can purchase extra mounting accessories from the official Insta 360 website.

Insta360 Go 3 Software Software

The Go 3 has a very useful software feature that should truly come in handy for many users. The feature is called “FreeFrame”. It was initially introduced in the Go 2 as “Pro Video mode”, but now called “FreeFrame in the Go 3 which better explains how the feature works. FreeFrame gives you the freedom to choose the frame to which you would like to export your video. Basically, it means you can just record your video and decide later whether you would like to export it in Landscape mode or Portrait mode.

It’s just like the system does everything for you since you don’t have to waste extra time in converting your videos into different orientations. With this new feature, a user can easily export portrait mode videos for social media and export the same video in landscape mode for use on a larger screen.

Also, there is plenty of editing features available in both the mobile app and the desktop app. As a matter of fact, the app can automatically edit your videos for you by using AI. You don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is to ask a little help from the App.

The action pod now does more than just charging the camera, thanks to the 2.2-inch LCD display. With the addition of the screen, the user can control the camera right from the action pod and preview images and videos on it. It even comes with internal speaker for your videos. Also keep in mind that you can perform all these tasks even when you are not closer to the camera.

Speaking of which, the Go 3 also features Voice Control 2.0. This will allow you to command your camera to perform certain tasks without having to touch it. Currently, this feature supports only two languages. They include Chinese and English. Another notable upgrade in the Go 3 is the dual microphone. While previous models featured only one mic, you get two microphones on the Go 3 for better sound intake.

Insta360 Go 3 Battery Life

There is no denying that the Go 3 features one of the best battery lives in the action camera space. First of all, the Go 3 itself can give you 40 minutes of continuous video recording on a single charge. If you need more power, the action pod will be there to serve you with just what you needed. When fully charged, the action pod can recharge the Go 3 four times. This should just be enough to take you through all activities without any problem.

Conclusion Insta360 Go 3

The Insta360 Go 3 action camera is no doubt a great companion for capturing your everyday activities. Its light weight and easy mounting capabilities make it very easier to carry around all day. The introduction of “FreeFrame” makes it even easier to easily export videos according to your choice of orientation. The Go 3 actually looks very unique and attractive just by looking at it.

Another important upgrade worth mentioning is the ability to capture videos in 2.7k as compared to the 1080p resolution in previous models. However, 2.7K still lags behind other action cameras on the market. For example, the DJI Action 3 can record at a higher resolution of 4K. The GoPro 11 can even go further with 5.3K while the Insta 360 X3 can also record at 5.3K resolution.

Even though many users will end up sticking to 1080p or maximum of 2.7K, the lack of higher resolution can play a very important role in purchasing decisions. However, the versatility of the Go 3 should just be enough to make up for the lower resolution which in fact, should be just more than enough for most users.

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