Xiaomi Mi5 screenshot shows NFC and dual SIM support

Xiaomi Mi5 screenshot shows NFC and dual SIM support

xiaomi mi5 launch

Lei Jun posted a screenshot from what is believed to be the Xiaomi Mi5 which points at a few possible features.

The screenshot on Lei Jun’s Weibo looks normal enough on first inspection, and just shows the regular MIUI interface and clock widget, but a closer look at the top right of the screen reveals something interesting.

NFC looks like it has make a come back to flagship Xiaomi phones. The last time we saw NFC on a MI device was on the Xiaomi Mi3, but it looks like it will make a comeback for the Mi5. The increased number of people using NFC for payments is probably the driving force behind the decision.

xiaomi mi5 screenshot

The second details are the two network signal strength icons. Dual SIM is was once only available on more affordable MTK phones, but in recent years more top of the range devices have included it.

Xiaomi will launch the Xiaomi Mi5 on the 24th Feb where the phone is believed to come with a Snapdragon 820, 2K display, 16 mega-pixel camera and possibly a curved display.

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  • hak

    Say 4G and 1X, meaning its gonna support all 3 major chinese operators….

  • Ulti

    Sounding good! Just waiting to see what it actually looks like and dimensions. Hopefully it’s not as slipppery as my Mi Note without a case.

  • balcobomber25

    The three phones I am most looking forward to: Mi5, MX6 and Gionee S8. One of those three will be my next phone.

    • MesTaRas

      Oppo find 9?

    • Luai Kamel

      Mine is Mx5 ,, looking for pro 6

  • Tajwar

    I think it’s way too much to hope for a Hybrid SIM slot

    • MaxPower

      Don’t be greedy

      • Tajwar

        Yeah, can’t have everything after all ?