How to teardown the Oukitel K6000

ouktel k6000 teardown

The Ulefone Power isn’t the only phone with 6000mAh battery, the Oukitel K6000 also has a similar large battery. More details revealed in the following teardown.

Considering Oukitel have only been in the Chinese smartphone race for just over a year, the company have done surprisingly well to grab fans with their use of large batteries. Phones like the K10000 with 10,000mAh battery helped the Chinese phone maker go viral, but its devices like the K6000 that the majority of buyers are more interested in for themselves.

ouktel k6000 teardown

Oukitel have performed a quick teardown of the K6000 for us and provided a few photos to give us a peek inside the 5.5-inch phone and see the large built-in battery which would normally remain hidden from sight.

Specs for the K6000 include a metal rear panel, metal chassis, 5.5-inch HD display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, LTE, Mediatek MT6735P chipset, 2GB RAM, 16GB memory, 8 mega-pixel front camera and 13 mega-pixel rear (although this teardown does prove the values are interpolated and the rear camera is really an 8 mega-pixel OV sensor).

Going through the teardown the inside of the K6000 looks rather neat and well thought out considering the rear panel isn’t meant to be removed by the users. However, for anyone wanting to take a peek inside their K6000 the rear panel does seem to just clip in place and is easily removed.

ouktel k6000 teardown

The teardown also reveals that metal chassis is split in sections and needs to be removed, by unscrewing 11 screws, before the internal 6000mAh battery can be removed.

We’re sure that Oukitel would prefer customers not to take their phones apart, but judging from the photos provided it doesn’t look all that complex and could mean home repairs could be possible (as long as spares are readily available).

Oukitel K6000 Teardown

Warning: Perform this teardown at your own risk. It is advised not to do this unless you have experience fixing phones as it is very easy to damage the hardware and chassis not done property.

  1. Using  knife or similar thin tool carefully pry the rear of the K6000 off. The details are not 100% but be careful when prying the rear off as there might be a few screws holding the back on too.ouktel k6000 teardown
  2. The metal panel is glued to the plastic frame and it is not recommended that you remove it.ouktel k6000 teardown
  3. Black film on the inside is made of graphite to aid cooling.ouktel k6000 teardown
  4. At the bottom of the phone the motor for vibration alerts is found in the left corner.ouktel k6000 teardown
  5. In the center of the phone is the 6000mAh. this is a Lithium Polymer battery which is lighter and safer for mobile use.ouktel k6000 teardown
  6. To get further in to the guts unscrew the 8 screws around the top black panel to get at the motherboard.ouktel k6000 teardown
  7. Remove the SIM tray then remove the CNC metal chassis from around the phone.ouktel k6000 teardown
  8. Peel away the protective sticker on the mother board to reveal the plug connecting it to the battery.ouktel k6000 teardown
  9. Carefully disconnect the plug and you can remove the large battery.ouktel k6000 teardown
  10. With the battery out the rest of the motherboard can simply lifted out after unscrewing more screws.Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 7.39.35 PM
  11. The main board is where the SOC, Camera and other hardware is found. The camera unit can be unclipped revealing it is an OV 8 mega-pixel shooter.

What do you make of this tear down, do you find images and details like this useful for choosing to buy a phone, or are you not interested in the possibility of home maintenance of your smart devices?

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  1. E8hffff
    February 14, 2016

    Waiting on their K6000 Premium.

  2. E8hffff
    February 14, 2016

    Waiting on their K6000 Premium.

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      February 14, 2016


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  3. Foz
    May 19, 2016

    Can you do a tear down of the K10000?

  4. Foz
    May 19, 2016

    Can you do a tear down of the K10000?