Apple of the East, Xiaomi, working on an Apple Pay competitor?

I wouldn’t say I wasn’t surprised when rumours of the upcoming Mi 5 hinted at NFC support. A technology that has a love-hate relationship with users coming to a 2016 phone after more than four of the company’s previous phones dropped support for it sounded astonishing indeed.

According to fresh news from China, Xiaomi could be working on a feature that could well warrant the use of NFC on the Mi 5… a mobile payment service.

According to IHS Analyst Kevin Wang, Xiaomi, along with Huawei and ZTE — three of the biggest names in the biggest smartphone market — could be working on an Apple Pay alternative.

Samsung debuted their alternative to the Apple service last year with the launch of the samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. China, however, seems to have an alternative of its own for a lot of services that the rest of the world considers standard. Weibo for Twitter, Baidu for Google, and WeChat for everything else. Speaking of, WeChat’s payment services are already massive in the country.

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If there’s any truth to this bit of news, you should expect an announcement of this service (Mi Pay?) alongside the Mi 5 launch on the 24th later this month.

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