Possible new Vivo X6 model spied in the flesh

vivo leaked x6 phone

Photos of a phone that looks a lot like the Vivo X6 were posted online today, but eagle eyed readers will see that this is not a current Vivo phone.

When images of this Vivo phone hit the web earlier today, many people just passed them off as photos of the Vivo X6, but on closer inspection this cannot be the case. The current Vivo X6 has the same shape, colour and fingerprint scanner location as the device in the photos, but not the dual tone LED flash.

Chance are high that this is another Vivo X6 flavour that is due to launch with an updated camera along with the dual LED flash. Another possibility that has been suggested is these photos could be of the Vivo Xplay 5, however we highly doubt (and hope) that this is the case.

vivo leaked x6 phone

Vivo will be showing a few phones off at the Qualcomm booth next week at MWC and we will be there to take a look, keep posted for more news.

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