Ulefone give us a sneak peek inside the Ulefone Future

ulefone future cnc chassis

Ulefone have taken a few photos of the metal body of the Ulefone Future to show the CNC machining of their latest phone and some of the molded parts.

We saw the Ulefone Future at MWC and got to play around with the bezel-less smartphone for a few moments at the expo. Those models were prototypes though and the final production models are going to look much more premium and feel better in the hand.

Ulefone say that they have opted to use a CNC chassis on the Future as it means they are able to machine each frame out of a single block of alloy. It also helps the body to have a better finish and allows for a thinner body to increase comfort and save weight all while maintaining strength.

ulefone future

The images Ulefone have shared shows the silver and gold bodies, and also gives us a look at the injection molded components inside the phone.

The Ulefone Future will be launched as Ulefone’s flaghship phone of earlier 2016, while audio fans will be able to look forward to the Ulefone Vienna.

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