Meizu Pro 6 Mini and Meizu M3 Note allegedly caught on camera

meizu pro 6 mini and m3 note leaked

If Meizu were in charge of national secrets we would be seriously worried, it just seems that their new phones just can’t keep out of the news!

Over the past couple of weeks Meizu have been tied to 7 new phone launches for this year in a leaked roadmap, and details of both the budget Meizu M3 Note, and flagship Pro 6 (or is it Meizu MX6?) have been found in abundance too.

This morning (it is April 1st so take this with a pinch of salt) an image showing two mystery Meizu device has been shared online which the shooter claims to show the Meizu Pro 6 (left) and Meizu M3 Note (right).

Starting with the M3 Note, the phone appears to be made of metal this time around as apposed to the previous plastic phones. It has a typically large camera lens, dual LED flash and the new look Meizu logo. It is hard to confirm if this is the M3 Note or if it’s just the current Meizu Metal. Meizu do have a history of overlapping their products, and the details we see match for both phones.

On the left is an all black Meizu phone which could be the Meizu Pro 6. The black phone features the new antenna designs that Meizu had teased in the fast, and a new LED flash/laser arrangement for the main camera. It’s clear that this black phone is smaller leading us to believe that this could be the 4.7-inch Meizu Pro 6 Mini.

Meizu Leaked Roadmap

meizu 7 phones 2016 roadmap

Meizu are expected to launch both phones this month. The Meizu M3 note will feature a Helio P10 chipset with pricing from 799 Yuan, while the Meizu Pro 6 mini will have a Helio X25 chipset, up to 6GB RAM, NFC with pricing from 2299 Yuan.

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