Chinese made Land Rover phone has a 10,800mAh battery and built in flashlight

land rover phone

Chinese tech firms love to make those big rubberized smartphones, and the newest features Land Rover branding, a huge battery and built-in light.

It’s not clear if this phone is an officially licensed Land Rover phone (it only shows Rover branding on the front, a Brit car maker that hasn’t existed for years), but the off-road marque is sure to attract the right type of interest.

land rover phone

The rubberized phone features big physical buttons that could be easily handled with gloves on or when covered in much and grime, and there is even a built-in torch for some cave exploration.

Stand our features are the whopping 10,800mAh battery, and tiny 2.6-inch 320 x 240 display which should mean that you would get some serious mileage from this phone without the need for charging.

land rover phone

What is a shame is the phone only comes with a rear 2 mega-pixel camera, so those of you who can’t resist a selfie while climbing a frozen waterfall are going to have to search elsewhere.

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