Umi Super – dual camera setup and bezel-less body!

Presale adventures of full metal UMI Touch are finally coming to an end and the phone will start shipping to customers soonish. So it’s time for UMI to announce new flagship model and according to our info it’s not going to be some rusty pirate ship.

Seems like the planned model UMI Touch X got renamed so let’s welcome the new UMI Super! We even have some first pics of the phone and it’s quite clear it will be sporting dual rear camera setup. Our sources have also confirmed the bezel-less design, but that’s not visible on our pics yet.

With the dual camera setup the UMI Super probably  intends to challenge similarly made LG G5 or Huawei P9,  but it tries to offer an alternative solution. The two cameras are not sitting side by side of each other at the top, instead the Super cameras are lined up vertically along the dual flash LED.

What do you think of the dual camera thing? Are you a fan of the idea? Leave your comments below!

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