Xiaomi Max could be Xiaomi’s largest phone to date!

xiaomi max

Xiaomi are working on a few product, which has just been named the Xiaomi Max through a user poll, and could be the largest Xiaomi to date!

This past week Xiaomi held a user poll where fans could choose from the following names; Xiaomi Pro, Xiaomi Plus, Xiaomi Big and Xiaomi Max. Thankfully fans thought Pro and Plus had already been over used, which left Xiaomi Max in the lead with 51.62% of votes and Xiaomi Big in 2nd (can you imagine if Xiaomi Big had won?).

The use of Max and even Big sparked speculation that Xiaomi are working on a larger phone than normal, a device even larger than the 5.9-inch Xiaomi Mi Note Phablet launched last year.

With the Max name chosen, insiders have started to hint at some of the specs including the screen size which might be as much as 6.4-inches. At this size we might also see Xiaomi opt of a 2K resolution panel too. Other details include the use of a Snapdragon 820 in the new phablet, fingerprint scanner and full network support for all Chinese carriers.

Xiaomi have already set up the official Xiaomi Max Weibo account so we can expect more details to be revealed in the coming weeks.

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