UMI Touch hammering and being hammered in a video

If you are a fan of destruction videos we have one more for you. This time it’s UMI Touch being brutally tortured.

UMI apparently plans to convince everybody that their UMI Touch model is an universal soldier or something in that fold and is subjecting the poor phone to drastic torture. It involves nails being hammered by its display and it’s really not for the faint of heart.

But that’s just the start, because then comes an evil tester guy with a hammer and he tries to smash the display. Ouch. Granted he is not really putting much of an effort so it’s more like light taps, but still.

After some trying he will figure that out too though and intensify the effort so the display is in the world of hurt. Then he even steps up the game with using Captain Hook’s hook to really smash the display for real and ultimately succeeds. But everything is made right in the end, because UMI Touch always wins right? After all, see for yourself.

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