Video: Blackview R7 First impression – Helio P10 and Android 6.0

Video: Blackview R7 First impression – Helio P10 and Android 6.0


The Blackview brand is slowly preparing for the release of the 2016 flagship model and the Blackview R7 should make its appearance already somewhere during the next month.

Their aim is to make the phone the real high-end model in every possible aspect, both with looks and specs, but the talk is cheap and only the real experiences of the users and their feedback will determine the success or failure of such bold claim.

Blackview R7 is going to feature 5,5-inch 2.5D arced FHD display with 3rd gen Gorilla Glass, octa-core Mediatek Helio P10 processor clocked at 2 Ghz. 4 GB RAM and 32 GB of expandable storage. The phone’s battery with 3500 mAh capacity should also offer and support 9V 2.5A fast charging.

For the cameras the Blackview R7 will have rear 13 Mpix Samsung 3M2 with fast focus up to 0.3.s and 5 Mpix front one with OV5648 sensor. The cameras should be using advanced technologies like SWDR (wide dynamic range) and SNR (noise reduction). Phone should be dual SIM with 4G support, fingerprint scanner, metal fram ane pre-installed Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

You can check the Blackview R7 first impressions in the video located somewhere in this article and dont forget their model A8, which is already in sale.

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  • arsalan

    And what is the expected price?

    • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

      Better get a bowl of fried rice than paying for a redmi 3 clone at this price.

      • The Special Juan

        oh beloved…dont be silly me old china. Sweet and sour dog is a much better bet

  • Zealer

    P10 just so so, why not X20 or X25?

    • Steve B

      Baby steps

  • Muhammad Yasir

    p10 is NOT flagship material … at least x20 or SD 820

    • Joel Adames

      I tell you what IT also is NOT, “EXPENSIVE”
      ….I would highly encourage any company to use the X10 and try to optimize it as much as possible instead of P10 if the effort is to aim at “” flagship”” status-crap.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        yep , p10 is not expensive , from an enthusiast’s POV… for us budget people , it is still a very tough one to digest , considering this was SUPPOSED to be LOWER mid range !

        and i fully agree on the x10… its like MTK is trying to kill another young one and doing it way too quickly , just like the beloved but unforgotten 6732. if the engineers can optimize the hell outta that SoC , we’ll have a LEGENDARY CPU in the best possible budget category ! just think of the WILD POSSIBILITIES THAT PHONE MAKERS CAN TINKER WITH ! ITS GOING TO BE EXHILARATING ~!

        P.S : did u just say 😀 , status-crap ?? you don’t want flagships ? OR is that a typo for Status-Cap ?

        • Joel Adames

          Nop. I did mean status-crap regarding that we all asing all SoCs an status depending on their nominal supposed performance against other SoCs, meaning that being flaghip or not for a SoC IMHO is somwhat irrelevant… As long as the optimization makes me forgive it 😉

  • Assefa Hanson

    man does nobody use ominivision main cameras anymore :/ always just for selfies it seems nowadays

    • Marco Lancaster

      Yeah, and they are cheaper than some overrated sensors, We could get a really set of camera with Omnivision + good lenses, other than just a Sony sensor with crap software.

      • Assefa Hanson


    • Joel Adames

      Waoo you got very enlightened here!!!

      Gionee went all in OV 23.4mpx + 8mpx for its Elife E8 then OIS+PDAF plus Sapphire Cristal to top the cake…
      And man! No camera has come near my phone, no Galaxy no HTC, no Sony none… Excellent device here in the BLU.PURE.XL aka GIONEE.ELIFE.E8

      • Assefa Hanson

        i prefer ov, too many times there is this big leap in camera performance with phones witht he same sensor, with ov its like most of the work is done already and little software work needs to be done these imx tho….

  • POY

    looks like a redmi note 3 clone

  • TheOracle

    Malware. That’s all I have to say.