UMI Super will have Super AMOLED screen

Upcoming new UMI Super gets another piece of the spec puzzle revealed and this time it’s the info about the the display. First the dual camera setup, then the bezel-less body and now the display.

Seems like UMI Super will be getting the Super AMOLED display with the touch layer measuring just 0,001mm, which should improve picture quality and up to 20 percent better sunlight visibility.

UMI Super and Super AMOLED that sounds just…super, right? 🙂 Maybe it’s because UMI is trying to delve into uncharted waters with VR glasses production so maybe they just want to throw in the phone too to help with promoting.

But take this information with a pinch of salt, because UMI seems to be extremely busy making and selling the Touch and Touch X models, not to mention the plans for Touch 2 for the near future. So I guess we won’t get UMI Super anytime soon.

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