Vernee Thor charger teardown video


Phone accessories like chargers could be sometimes kind of a necessary evil for many chinese manufacturers and the quality pretty much varies. Seems like the new startup company Vernee is trying to make sure even the little details will be okay for their Thor model release and the charger is one of those.

They have released a teardown video of the Vernee Thor official charger and in comparison with the “other adapter” are showcasing the superiority of their piece. For me the brightest point of the video is the fact that the “other” charger is one i’m using for years with my Kindle so it finally got some recognition and internet fame 🙂

It’s certainly a positive thing showing the effort to improve the quality of the components, but only time will tell if the Vernee Thor charger is really that much better. From the video it looks like it, so take a look yourself .

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