How’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow running on the Ulefone Vienna?

Ulefone Vienna has been a major success for the company so far and the first coming reviews are generally pretty positive, wait for our own coming in just a few days. The hyped Hi-Fi centered device is apparently delivering on its promise and that’s something we are always happy seeing.

The initial presale numbers are just underlining that, because just during the 12 April days the 120.000 available pieces just sold out. But Ulefone just can’t give up upon the customers after the release, they have to keep working on the software updates too and seems like they are doing just that, because the Android 6.0 major update should arrive next month.

The developers are still feverishly working on the proper optimalizations, but we have already a first glimpse into the world of Vienna with beta Marshmallow. The update is not yet in final form, but semi-stable and should bring better app management options, security and overall improvements for Wi-Fi and LTE speed.

Check out the video showing the Ulefone Vienna running Android 6.0.

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