Is Cubot planning to enter the VR market?

Last year we were speculating about the possibility of the chinese producers catching the VR fever and seems like this year that’s turning into the reality. And not the virtual kind 🙂

Major chinese players are starting to send first signals about the VR and for the pretty saturated chinese gadget market it could be another impulse for expansion and luring new customers in. After all it’s the new trendy stuff around the world. They can be at disadvantage with lack of experience in the field, fickle tech support and low orientation in the sea of the technological norms so counting with all that some chinese pseudo-VR devices are pretty lackluster in giving the customer the real deal.

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But Cubot seems to be eager into providing the “real” VR experience and planning to fully focus on creating their own VR ecosystem. Could be also linked to the fact that official authority in form of China VR Industry Alliance announced a system of official VR standards on April 9th and is planning to full support the branch development. So it’s very likely that in the near future we are going to encounter the Cubot brand not just with the phones, but also with the VR devices. Some more manufacturers will prolly follow suit, because the VR tide is rising worldwide.

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  1. Gabriel Dranca
    May 12, 2016

    buahahaha :)))) lol.. with a phone in front of your face? Rofl

  2. Conrad Aquilina
    May 13, 2016

    Please no, Cubot. Fix your phones first, will you?

  3. NextHype
    May 13, 2016

    HAHAHA best picture ever
    Cheap future // enjoy VR by Cubot
    $10 baseball cap + $1 rubber band + priceless foolish style