UMI Super creation is a complex process

The upcoming UMI flagship UMI Super is the embodiment of the company highest expectations and they are very proud about their product. The creation process itself is a pretty complex one and UMI have released some info about it to the public.

Apparently it’s all about using new materials and technologies, new lighter and more solid aicraft grade magnalium alloy is first subjected to CNC cutting and PBT nano-molding, which means very delicate shaping of the details of the phone’s body.

What follows is the 360° polishing, 3D abrasive blasting and multi-color anodizing, where the metal surface is adjusted using the electrical current to strenghten the natural oxide layer. That affects the surface coloring, because the anodized layer is solid, but still porous enough to absurd the added colors.

The whole polishing of the UMI Super metal body takes over 40 hours and the process is repeated five times, polished after coating and coating after polishing, then sandblasting. That ensures the refined, smooth and perfectly uniform coloring of the metal body. The process is very difficult to perform also due to the fact that the back of the phone is curved with a 165-degree angle for comfortable grip. And of course everything needs to be perfectly designed to fit in the 4000 mAh SONY battery without any unnecessary excess bulk.

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