UMI Touch front ID scanner is not just for the unlocking

According to the UMI official statement one of the main reasons of the UMI Touch model popularity is the high customer rating of the fingerprint scanner with some additional functions available.

Fingerprint scanners are more or less a recent standard for the proper midrange and even some budget smartphones, so what makes the UMI Touch scanner stand out ?

The company is trying to explain it with the argument about the frequent “care” even for the older models and thus frequent updates for all the possible issues. The updates are based on the customer feedback so quite often tailored to the user common habits, for example the UMI Touch fingerprint scanner software update does just that and doesn’t force the user to perform any too complex moves.

You can see for yourself in the following video how the UMI Touch front ID scanner performs.

Oh and for those interested let’s just also mention that UMI Touch is still available for the discounted $169.99 price with the coupon Touch2udsd here, but only until May 31st.

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