Ulefone Vienna vs. UMI Touch – cage match for the duo

It’s quite obvious that the Ulefone Vienna and UMI Touch are models aimed at the same customer base so directly pitted against each other. The market is a pretty ruthless place and any sort of a flaw or bad quality is quickly punished.

Today we have a video putting these two phones really head-to-head directly and because they are really very similar devices hardware-wise and in the same price range it’s an interesting comparison. And of course it could help those undecided customers, who are pondering which one to buy.

Vienna is scoring the first points in the audio department with the dedicated audio chipset NXP 9890 offering clear and nice sound with almost Hi-Fi quality. Plus point for UMI Touch is the 4000 mAh battery capacity, while the UMI Touch offers “only” 5V/1A charger so the charging time will be higher.

In the display department it looks like Vienna would be the winner, at least judging by the video and the same could be probably said about the camera output quality of the both phones.

But in end it’s only the customer who is always right and the decision is ultimately his. So check out the video and decide for yourself, which one would you prefer if given the choice.

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