Did the Xiaomi Mi Drone crash DURING the live-stream?

Drones are hot, and they’re here to stay. Xiaomi’s new Mi Drone has taken the hobby and aerial photography niche by storm, offering stabilised 4K video for a mere $460 — close to the half of what DJI charge for their competitor.

The Mi Drone was announced 3 days back, on the 25th of May, in China. Word is that it was a successful launch — as you may have heard — but a (conspiracy?) theory seems to suggest otherwise.

Some alleged footage of the drone crashing during the live stream seems to have shown up. According to sources, the live stream was cut when the footage from the drone (being telecast) suggested a sudden fall of the drone.

In their defence, Xiaomi maintained that the drone went into auto-landing mode due to the battery now being charged. Any smart netizen would call the bull on that — yet it remains to be verified of the drone actually crashed. Anyway, take a look at the support footage:


Are drones set to follow the fate of hover boards?

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