UMi reckon the Super takes ‘stunning’ night shots: Have your say

The kind of faith that the young Chinese phone makers have in themselves in unparalleled. Companies like UMi, Elephone, and more recently, Vernee have been daring of late, not worried of what people would think of their marketing strategies. It goes your way sometimes, and other times, the other.

Anyway, we’ve been sent some camera samples from the upcoming UMi Super, which may have an uninspiring name but it does seem to have a camera that is capable of a thing or two. These samples are supposedly taken in low-light environments, so as to show exactly what the camera is capable of. Take a look below:

UMI Super Camera Sample - Night UMI Super Camera Sample - Night

Must say, the shots look pretty good. That said, fluorescence can make even a pedestrian sensor look pro, which I hope isn’t the case here. What do you think of these samples?

Expect a review of the UMi Super in the coming weeks (with samples across varying light surroundings), once the phone does start shipping. Meanwhile, you can stay up to date with the news around this device here.

In related news, UMi also set up a ‘UX’ page for easier before- and after-sales support, which can be accessed here.

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