Cubot V1 – smartband with a display

Seems like Cubot is really branching out with the scope of their production and now ventures even into the smart wearable land. The first step into it is pioneered by the Cubot V1 smartband, which will offer a display for showing the time and the values gathered from the pedometer, calory counter and other sensors, just like the Xiaomi MiBand 2.

Cubot V1 will have the same Bluetooth chip (Dialon DA14580) like the MiBand, so the full compatibility and strong connection is a given. Battery life should also be pretty long with the usage of the 80 mAh polymer battery and complex energy optimalizations and tweaks like the display turning fully on only upon touching. The company claims about 30 days of a possible standby time.

The new Cubot smartband is also equipped with the MMA8652 accelerometer for precise movement tracking. The band is made in cooperation with the german company Bayer and should be hypo-allergenic, permeable and knowing the Bayer ecology standpoint it’s also surely made properly with that in mind. Metal clasp will guarantee firm securing around the wrist so the smartband can sustain even some extreme sport activity. Cubot V1 will also be waterproof and dustproof and the charging is done through universal micro-USB port.

You can check how Cubot V1 looks and how it functions either in the following video or also here.

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