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Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Smartbands from the Mi Band series made by Xiaomi are already at the very top of popularity among the smart wearable fans and for quite …

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115PLUS Smart Band

Lenovo officially launches the HX03W Cardio Plus smartband in India. The band comes with a 0.96-inch OLED display and has the usual smartband functions.

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Lenovo officially launches the HX03W Cardio Plus smartband in India. The band comes with a 0.96-inch OLED display and has the usual smartband functions.

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nubia alpha

The Nubia Alpha (written α) is a smartband, and one of the odder ones we’ve seen. It comes with a flexible OLED display and full smartphone capabilites.

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Elephone W3

You guys probably know Elephone for their large portfolio of affordable and trendy phones, but the company doesn’t stop there. The Chinese phone maker does …

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Elephone W7 smart band

Around a month back, phone manufacturer with their hands in the wearables business – Elephone – launched their latest smart band – the Elephone W7. …

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Microwear X6

Chinese wearables maker Microwear has dozens of smartwatches on the market but not too many of them would fit well on a girl/woman wrist. That’s …

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Zeblaze Plug C

The Zeblaze Plug C is one of the most interesting smart bands launched in the past months. The device is filled with lots of features, …

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Elephone Band W7 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Both Xiaomi and Elephone are two Chinese companies that were born as phone manufacturers and then expanded their products portfolio to smart bands, action cams …

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Zeblaze Plug C

The current market place is flooded with hundreds of smart bands, but not too many of them are actually supported via software or come from …

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Microwear X2 Plus

Microwear just introduced a new smart bracelet, namely called Microwear X2 Plus which comes with the goal of making your life easier to track, at …

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Band W7

The Elephone brand is well known for their smartphone models and recently they are enjoying quite some success with the Elephone U and U Pro …

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Zeblaze Plug C

In the last years, we’ve seen dozens of Chinese wearables manufacturers producing smart wristbands with cool design and lots of features, but most of them …

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Zeblaze Plug C

About three months back, Chinese wearables maker Zeblaze launched the Zeblaze Plug, a smart wristband with lots of interesting features, among which we had continuous …

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MGCOOL are back just after a brief Christmas and New Year resting period, the Chinese manufacturer of action cameras, wearables and accessories has announced the roadmap …

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Zeblaze seem to be one of the more active wearables makers from China. The company did indeed just announce their third device in the span …

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MGCOOL Black Friday

It’s that time of the year again, Black Friday is just around the corner and you have a chance to save some bucks on various …

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Microwear X3

Smart wearables are all around us and every proper geek or tech lover just needs to get some to earn the street cred. So when …

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The latest MGCOOL Band 4 is an advanced fitness tracker that should allow you to improve your lifestyle by tracking your movements and give you …

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They’re never resting over at MGCOOL’s headquarters and after launched the Band 3 around two months back, the company is now releasing a new device, …

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