Elephone Band W7 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Elephone Band W7 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Both Xiaomi and Elephone are two Chinese companies that were born as phone manufacturers and then expanded their products portfolio to smart bands, action cams and more. As you probably know, Xiaomi recently launched the new Xiaomi Mi Band 3, meanwhile at around the same time, Elephone unveiled the Band W7, which still has to be officially launched.

That said, we already know most main features for both fitness bands so here’s a quick comparison.

Elephone Band W7 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 3

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As we can see in the image above, the two smart bands have very few points in common. Let’s start with the display, which on the Elephone Band W7 supports colors, meanwhile the Mi Band 3 does not, somewhat disappointing from Xiaomi considering the much bigger R&D budget they must have at their disposal in comparison to Elephone. In addition to that, the display on the Band W7 is also larger at 0.96-inch vs the 0.78″ screen of the Mi Band 3.

Alright, that’s just an aesthetic choice and it shouldn’t matter, but what about the lack of a GPS module? Clearly available on the Mi Band W7. Elephone’s band also comes with a bigger battery at 160mAh against the 110mAh capacity of Xiaomi’s counterpart.

Finally, another major difference is in the design. The Elephone Band W7 can be charged via the USB port which gets uncovered by moving the plastic band. This means you can charge it pretty much anywhere as long as there’s an USB charger around. Meanwhile the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will always need its special adapter.

The Elephone Band W7 is expected to launch very soon. Stay tuned on GizChina or Elephone’s official website for the latest.

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  1. hoodafukisalis
    June 20, 2018

    What about the most important part of wearables – battery life!

    Xiaomi gives a 20-day life! Can you speak the same of Elephone? Blind promotion (probably for kickbacks) is one thing, and writing good technical articles is another.

    • Alex Ferreira
      August 31, 2018

      Elephone says 25 days, 7-10 days use with GPS off.
      Only thing better in Xiaomi is IP68, 5 ATM, 50 m water resistance, versus IP67 in Elephone that don’t include swimming in the list of “can do with…”