Zeblaze Plug C: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting One

Zeblaze Plug C

The current market place is flooded with hundreds of smart bands, but not too many of them are actually supported via software or come from companies that actually care about client satisfaction. A company that has been around for a while, with a story of good products under their belt, is Zeblaze; with the Zeblaze Plug C being the latest addition to their portfolio.

Zeblaze Plug C

The Zeblaze Plug C is an affordable smart band that comes with lots of neat functionalities, as well as a premium design and more. To recap its high-lights we have made a list with the top 5 features.

1. Fashionable, comfortable and fit

Coming with a curved radian design and curved display, the Zeblaze Plug C does both look good and feel comfortable on the wrist. The curved design also allows it to be more compact than similar smart bands with flat displays.

Zeblaze Plug C2. Always-on display, Readable in the sunlight

Thanks to its color reflective LCD display, the Plug C is easy to read even under direct sunlight. The always-on feature is then a convenient touch to have all the info you want at any time, without having to raise your wrist. The display also features colors, it has fast response times and it’s bright.

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3. IP67 Waterproof

Zeblaze’s Plug C is waterproof, which means you no more have to worry about water splashing, whether from rain, sweat or your summer beach trip.

Zeblaze Plug C

4.Continuous Heart Rate

The smartwatch is equipped with an heart rate sensor that is able to monitor your health status at any time so that you can take care of yourself 24/7.

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5.Ever-lasting Battery life

The Zeblaze Plug C comes with a battery life of up to 7 days, and that’s achieved after only two hours of charge.

Zeblaze Plug C

You can learn more about the Zeblaze Plug C or get one, on the company’s official AliExpress store. You can also enter to win a free Zeblaze Thor 4 over on their Facebook page.

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